Amiri & Aroha
The World Premiere of David Whittet's new motion picture trilogy

This powerful and intense trailer sets the scene for the World Premiere of the complete Amiri & Aroha trilogy, as we follow the crystal ball's journey from the cosmos back to Gisborne in time for the premiere, which took place at the Dome Cinema on 19 July 2014.

Gisborne New Zealand was the place to be on 19 July 2014 for the Gala World Premiere of the Amiri & Aroha trilogy.

The evening was a resounding success. The films played to a capacity audience at Gisborne's iconic Dome Cinema and received an exuberant standing ovation. With an audience of such magnitude, the Dome Cinema staff worked flat out all night to cook pizzas for everyone! It was great to have so many of the cast and crew at the premiere and we had a wonderful reunion. It was especially important to hold the premiere in the heart of Gisborne to enable local people to be the first to experience this cinematic phenomenon!

Audience response was so enthusiastic that immediately after the premiere, Rere's Children, the final film in the trilogy, became the world's highest rated feature film on the Internet Movie Date Base (IMDb).

Thank you to everyone who helped make our World Premiere such a tremendous success.

The Red Carpet is rolled out: Check out our World Premiere Photo Gallery here.