Amiri & Aroha
David Whittet's Motion Picture Trilogy

Amiri & Aroha Theatrical Trailers

Trailers are an art form in their own right. Many international film festivals have a special category for trailers with some stunning entries. The trailer is a specialist short film, and at its best, a unique expression of cinematic art.

I am delighted that the Amiri & Aroha and Amiri's Child trailers have proved successful on the festival circuit. All these trailers have featured in the International Movie Trailer Festival and the Amiri's Child won an awards in the prestigious Best Shorts competition.

Rere's Children Theatrical Trailer
Rere’s Children is the stunning conclusion to the Amiri & Aroha trilogy. The heart wrenching finale to the saga is full of passion, intrigue and raw emotion!
In the best Amiri & Aroha tradition, this intense theatrical trailer provides a dramatic ride through the story a breakneck speed.
Enjoy the ride and we hope you will come and see the film. We can’t wait to bring this story to the world!

Amiri's Child Theatrical Trailer
In an age where we are bombarded with fast and furious images in the media, on television and on the internet, it can be hard for the film maker to seize the audience's attention. In the digital age, we must find new ways to create atmosphere and captivate our audiences. This trailer is based on the pre-titles sequence, a two-and-a-half minute roller coaster ride of explosive images from the story that is about to unfold. We believe such an overture can be a powerful device for achieving audience engagement. Following an award at the prestigious Best Shorts competition, this dramatic overture has taken on a life of its own and become a short film in its own right.

Amiri & Aroha Theatrical Trailer
This dramatic theatrical trailer highlights Aroha's rite of passage as she tries to escape her gangland origins. Amiri is a hot shot businessman from the big smoke of Auckland, who promises Aroha a new life away from the gang. But Aroha is haunted by a childhood ceremony, which threatens to prevent her from ever breaking free of the gang. We hope this minute plus trailer gives a flavour of Aroha's tumultuous journey!

Amiri & Aroha Teaser Trailer
The opening moments of a film are critical. The lights go down and the first images set the mood and atmosphere for the rest of the film. This is equally true of the trailer. We have again used the dramatic pre-titles sequence (or overture) for this award winning teaser trailer. A fiery cauldron of images, a roller coaster ride through the story of Amiri & Aroha in just under three minutes!

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