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Father's Day and Lawrence of Arabia


What a special father’s day treat for me, the chance to see Lawrence of Arabia, my all time favourite film again on the big screen, the film that started my film making journey…

The Rialto Cinema David Lean season started in Dunedin today and could not have been a more perfect father’s day gift for me. David Lean and Lawrence of Arabia have been such an important part of my life and a huge influence on my work.

Mark was really excited to come with me to see Lawrence of Arabia today. Like so many young people today, Mark was used to seeing the David Lean films on television through DVD and video. This was the first time Mark had seen a film in the cinema with an overture and an intermission. It was marvelous to watch Mark transfixed by this wonderful film, just as I had been all those years ago as an impressionable teenager.

I wrote about my discovery of cinema through Lawrence of Arabia for an occasional series on favourite films in Movie Maker magazine in the mid 1980s.
Read my article My Favourite Film reprinted from the December 1984 issue of Movie Maker here.