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The digital restoration of my early films has been a voyage of discovery. The opportunity to reappraise my work has been immensely valuable to me as a film maker.

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Digital transfer of my films on a high definition scanner

Special “finds” include Letters to Uncle Victor, the story of a girl who writes regular letters to a favourite uncle whom she has not seen in years, unaware that he has Alzheimer’s disease and is in residential care. A delightful performance from Anita Bushell as the niece and a deeply moving portrayal of the Alzheimer victim by John Lloyd, a performance eclipsed only by his subsequent role as the developmentally challenged Joe in The Best Place For Joe.

There have also been some disappointments along the way. The master recordings of my first video originated project, For Grandma have deteriorated significantly in the 25 years since the film was made. This is heartbreaking remembering how good it looked on the huge screen at the National Film Theatre in London at the premiere of the Movie Maker Ten Best Amateur Films of the Year. Restoration has proved difficult to date but I am looking at other options to restore the film to its original condition. Whilst the current digital transfer leaves much to be desired, I am including it in my digital archive as For Grandma was a landmark production for me.

View my the results of my digital restoration work at my Film Archive Gallery. As my digital restoration programme continues, I will be adding more of my films to my archive.

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The most rewarding aspect of the digital restoration programmes has been to re-edit the material and bring my work to a new audience.