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Changing the world, one project at a time...

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David’s work in Rural India has inspired his vision to set up a trust to support family medicine for the most disadvantaged people on our planet.

David is also committed to helping aspiring film makers with a positive message for humanity to develop their work and reach a wide audience.
Changing the world, one project at a time...

David is committed to supporting family medicine in areas of extreme need, particularly in rural parts of the developing world where many of the world’s most disadvantaged people live below the absolute poverty level.

David spent fifteen years working in a high needs community at Te Karaka in a remote rural part of New Zealand’s East Cape. Practices in such poor and remote areas need assistance and resources if they are to continue to improve the health status of their communities.

David’s vision is to set up a foundation which will support family medicine in rural areas both in the developing world and in high needs communities in New Zealand. David is in discussion with a number of organisations with similar aims and hopes to develop a network of support for rural practitioners.

David is also working on a project to support aspiring film makers with a positive message for humanity. The film for good project will provide resources for film makers and assistance in enabling their work to reach a wider audience.
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