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Amiri & Aroha Theatrical Trailers and Promotional Films

In the digital age, the media constantly bombards us with fast and furious images, making it near impossible for filmmakers to capture the audience’s attention. With so much imagery in our faces 24/7, we must adapt and find new ways to create atmosphere and engage our audiences.

We have created a series of intense, fast-moving trailers and featurettes to promote Amiri & Aroha. We hope they will draw you into the story and give you a genuine flavour of the films.

Many international film festivals have a specific category for trailers, recognising them as an art form in their own right. The Amiri & Aroha teaser trailer and the Amiri’s Child theatrical trailer both featured in the International Movie Trailer Festival. The Amiri’s Child trailer went on to win in the prestigious Best Shorts competition.
Rere’s Children Theatrical Trailer

The heart-wrenching finale to the saga,
Rere’s Children, is full of passion, intrigue and raw emotion!
In the best
Amiri & Aroha tradition, this intense theatrical trailer provides an exhilarating ride through the story a breakneck speed.
Enjoy the trip, and we hope you will come and see the film. We can’t wait to bring this story to the world!

Amiri’s Child Theatrical Trailer

This two-and-a-half-minute roller coaster ride catapults the audience into the world of
Amiri’s Child. We used the pre-titles sequence for this trailer, an action-packed montage of explosive images from the story that is about to unfold. It’s like an overture to the film!
The trailer won an award at the renowned
Best Shorts Competition, and since then has taken on a new life as a short film in its own right.

Amiri & Aroha Theatrical Trailer

This dramatic theatrical trailer highlights Aroha’s rite of passage as she tries to escape her gangland origins. Amiri is a hotshot businessman from the big smoke of Auckland, who promises Aroha a new life away from the Gang. But Aroha is haunted by a childhood ceremony, which threatens to prevent her from ever breaking free of the Gang.
In just over one minute, we hope this gives you a glimpse of Aroha’s relentless journey!

Amiri & Aroha Teaser Trailer

As with
Amiri’s Child, we’ve used the film’s atmospheric pre-titles sequence for this award-winning teaser trailer. The opening moments of a movie are critical. The lights go down, and those first images on the screen set the mood for the entire film.
Enjoy this fiery cauldron of images, which takes you on a spin through the story of
Amiri & Aroha in just under three minutes!

Amiri & Aroha 2013 IndieGoGo Campaign Video

Long gone are the days when the film director could hide behind the camera! Today’s filmmakers have to promote themselves as well as their work. Blogs, websites, Facebook fan pages, Twitter—these are all vital tools for the filmmaker to both secure funding and to reach their audiences!
We ran this promo for our 2013 IndieGoGo campaign to raise finishing funds for the trilogy. It was an exciting time for the project—at one stage there was talk from a US producer about a Sopranos-style mini-series!
The fundraising was successful and enabled us to complete the trilogy.
The two principal sponsors from our IndieGoGo campaigns each took an active role in the production, Bronwyn Kay as an actress and Carl de Malmanche as an executive producer. We are eternally grateful to you both and everyone who supported our appeal!

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